David Sachl - stavební práce
tel.: 608 962 329
e-mail: info@sachl.cz

Monika Sachlová - účetnictví
tel.: 602 616 864
e-mail: m@sachl.cz


David Sachl´s Company has been painting since 1989 and since 2006 also provides different construction works of flats, houses, offices, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants, etc.

We realize construction works like bricklaying, tiling, plaster boarding, cabling, plumbing, heating, painting works, etc.

We offer respect, good quality and honestly carried out job. We are very flexible and adaptable in regards to your needs and terms of work.

Do not hesitate to contact us we will be happy to give you detailed information.

Monika Sachlová offers you accounting, bookkeeping, tax services and payroll accounting in external accounting form. I use the POHODA economic and tax system and WINLEX legal software. I also monthly subscribe specialized Accounting, Taxes and Payroll magazines to keep updated. All the accounting information is processed in agreed intervals and handed over on agreed, usually monthly bases. All is done simply, discreetly, efficiently and correctly.